We created the website www.bloombo.com for the bloombo company led by Ana Chico Del Rio. Bloombo is the combined result of many experiences; that of Ana Chico as well as that of other people, who when she learned to know them inspired her. She formally created Bloombo in 2012 after many years of work in the field of social and economic reintegration of women in difficulty. Since then, Bloombo has become a fair and sustainable alternative to the usual products that large companies and textile chains offer in their stores, many of which have been produced in dubious conditions.

The name “Bloombo” which means to bloom or flourish, symbolizes the discovery of a new understanding of justice and solidarity towards others, as well as towards the environment, in each of our daily decisions about what we consume and how we consume it. Bloombo is an ethical fashion brand. They manufacture high quality and exclusive products in developing countries under fair working conditions. They also provide technical assistance to their partners on design and quality, developing together with them products adapted to the European market.

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