Dolimetiers is a cloud-based solution based on Dolibarr, the simple Open Source software suite for companies of all sizes (TPE, SME or large accounts), independent, self-employed or associations. It integrates the functions of ERP Entreprise Resource Planning and the functions of CRM Customer Relationship Management.

With Dolimetiers, you can easily manage your quotes, orders, invoices, customer tracking, accounting exports … from any workstation connected to the Internet! Dolimetiers also allows you to manage several companies or establishments on the same platform.

Dolimetiers is our dolibusiness solution adapted to the specificities of your business: Doctor or dentist or veterinarian or consultants or service providers or trainers or events planners or hotelier or rental cars and equipment.

It is a solution that can be highly customized to meet the changing needs of your activity or your company. You can try Dolimetiers for free for 15 days.

Features of Dolimetiers, enterprise management software:

Export to PDF file of all elements
Transition from quote to order and invoice
Dashboard :

  • Follow-up on current commercial proposals
  • Follow-up of sales orders
  • Follow-up of unpaid customer invoices …
  • Management of product sheets (packages, lots …)
  • Inventory management
  • Management of points of sale
  • Service Management
  • Cash register
  • Simple addition of services / products in the offers
  • Management of subscription contracts …
  • Create check slips in 1 click!
  • Monitoring of payments: customers and suppliers
  • Real-time cash control
  • Management of levies
  • Bank Reconciliations …
  • Advanced Third Party Management
  • Access of authorized customers to their space
  • Management of interventions / events / agenda
  • Sending emailing …
  • Export for Accounting
  • Importing existing files
    (Customers, suppliers, products …)
  • Export of all types of data
    (CSV or Excel)

Doctor’s office

  • Management of pathologies,
  • Patient management, antecedents,
  • Directory of referring physicians,
  • Follow-up consultations, exams / radios,
  • Generation of consultation documents,
  • Statistics of your consultations, etc …

Consultants and service providers

  • Management and invoicing based on the activity of your consultants
  • Extranet to share files with your clients and consultants
  • Shared messaging and calendar

Merchants, manufacturers / equipment rental

  • Manage and invoice your business
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Definition of components (products and services)
  • Direct or planned manufacturing, managing your production orders
  • Managing Your Inventory
  • Management of equipment and their maintenance


  • Management of the training catalog, directory (trainees, trainers, training correspondents, structures),
  • Management of schedules, organization of intra or inter company training sessions, Automatic generation of administrative documents, real-time statistics, etc.
  • Extranet document sharing for your trainees
  • Platform for distance learning for your trainees

Equipment Rental

  • Management of serial numbers,
  • Product lifecycle management,
  • Associating events to a serialized product, contracts, etc …

Your job is not listed? Contact us, our solutions are very adaptable

  • Access to reports and statistics
  • Project management
  • Expense Management
  • Management of commissions
  • Leave management, HR management
  • Interface Online Shop
  • Storage of files, GED …

Our guarantees

Cloud application
Mobile app
Fast delivery
Customised support

The 4 steps of your project

Testing a configuration adapted to your activity

We install a configuration of dolimetiers that you can test for 15 days for free

Definition of requirements and specifications

We set up specifications based on your needs. And let’s agree on a deadline for completion.

Upload and support.

The uploading of your dolimetier solution. We provide technical support to correct any development problems.


We offer you free technical support for 3 hours and we train you to use your dolimetiers for 1 hour so that you can administer it autonomously.

4 configurations to manage your business and your customer relationship.


5€per month
  • Testing 5 days free
  • Installation costs 40 €
  • Additional user 1€/month
  • 10 GB Storage
  • Additional storage + 1€/month/GB
  • Accessibility From any place and browser
  • Availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Backup daily
  • Support to migration
  • Support On community forums
  • Bug Updates Free
  • Change / Add extensions (possible)
  • Data Center Europe
  • Installation time 8h


12€per month
  • Testing 10 days free
  • Installation costs 60 €
  • Additional user 5€/month
  • 30 GB Storage
  • Additional storage + 1€/month/GB
  • Accessibility From any place and browser
  • Availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Backup daily
  • Support To migration
  • Support 5h of assistance per year
  • Bug Updates Free
  • Change / Add extensions (possible)
  • Data Center Europe
  • Installation time 8h