I made the website for the Kwango Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Governor Kanys Makofi promises to take off his province on his own and needs a modern website to show how his province is changing and transforming.


Recently elected governor of the new province of Kwango, Kanys Makofi Kabamba is determined to ensure a modern dynamic in this politico-administrative entity, providing it with basic social infrastructure and resources for a better takeoff.

The site of kwango.gouv.cd is also an example for the provinces among the 25 others who do not yet have a website: Bas-Uele · Équateur · Haut-Katanga ·Haut-Lomami · Haut-Uele · Ituri · Kasaï ·Kasaï-Central · Kasaï oriental · Kinshasa ·Kongo central · Kwilu · Lomami ·Lualaba · Mai-Ndombe · Maniema · Mongala ·Nord-Kivu · Nord-Ubangi · Sankuru ·Sud-Kivu · Sud-Ubangi · Tanganyika ·Tshopo · Tshuapa

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