Email marketing is the most affordable communication campaign in terms of cost. Sending a newsletter to thousands of customers will cost less than a big advertising campaign. This solution therefore has undeniable advantages:

  • Sending the message to a targeted and interested target
  • Rapid knowledge of return on investment through statistics
  • Easy and quick set-up
  • A flexible campaign: thanks to the platform and the text editor it is possible to change information at the last minute before sending the newsletter.

The main optimizations carried out within the framework of the management of an emailing campaign

  • Composition of the Newsletter
  • Creating the emailing campaign
  • The management of emailing campaigns,
  • Improved targeting.
  • Continuous campaign optimization,
  • Campaign Results Reports
  • The choice and improvement of landing pages.

3 types of campaigns to expand your audience and increase your sales.


20%of the bugdet *
  • Setting up 150 €
  • Communication Channels Search engines or social networks or emailing
  • Reports weekly


20%of the bugdet *
  • Setting up 350 €
  • Communication Channels Search engines and social networks
  • Reports weekly


20%of the bugdet *
  • Setting up 450 €
  • Communication Channels Search engines and social networks and emailing
  • Reports weekly

* Degressive percentage passing from 20% for a budget of 300 euros to 12.5% for a budget of 1500 euros.