Search engines like Google or Bing offer tools to highlight your products by linking your ads to a series of keywords. Your ad is displayed when a potential customer searches using one of these keywords. This is one of the best ways to attract potential customers.

When setting up a keyword campaign on one of the search engines, our main objectives, after parameterization and optimization, are to obtain a maximum number of visits and a return on investment for a given budget, or to increase Measurable awareness.

The main optimizations carried out during the management of a campaign:

  • The implementation of tools to measure the performance of campaigns: conversion rates, e-commerce functions of Google Analytics …
  • Cost-per-click reduction or removal of inefficient keywords and budget reallocation to high-performance keywords
  • Search for new keywords.
  • Improved keyword targeting.
  • The choice and improvement of landing pages.
  • The content of ads.
  • Work on the ad quality index.
  • This has an impact on positioning and cost per click.
  • The installation of ad extensions: extensions of places, call, links, hangs …
  • Setting up Shopping campaigns for e-commerce sites.

3 types of campaigns to expand your audience and increase your sales.


20%of the bugdet *
  • Setting up 150 €
  • Communication Channels Search engines or social networks or emailing
  • Reports weekly


20%of the bugdet *
  • Setting up 350 €
  • Communication Channels Search engines and social networks
  • Reports weekly


20%of the bugdet *
  • Setting up 450 €
  • Communication Channels Search engines and social networks and emailing
  • Reports weekly

* Degressive percentage passing from 20% for a budget of 300 euros to 12.5% for a budget of 1500 euros.