Social Networks

The presence of companies on social networks has become an essential element of the marketing strategy.

This strategy encompasses presence and advertising campaigns on mainstream social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. These approaches are made possible by the sponsored solutions offered by these platforms. Digital Sales Partner helps you create your corporate pages and set up your communication campaigns. This is both a good way to attract new prospects and drive a community of customers.

When setting up an advertising campaign on one of the social networks, our main objectives, after parameterization and optimization, are to obtain a maximum number of visits and a return on investment for a given budget or to increase measurably Notoriety.

The main optimizations made during the management of a campaign:

  • The creation of the different profiles pages (Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest),
  • Managing advertising campaigns on social media,
  • Improved targeting.
  • Continuous optimization of campaigns,
  • Campaign Results Reports
  • Choosing and improving landing pages.
  • Refine ad content and thumbnails

3 types of campaigns to expand your audience and increase your sales.


20%of the bugdet *
  • Setting up 150 €
  • Communication Channels Search engines or social networks or emailing
  • Reports weekly


20%of the bugdet *
  • Setting up 350 €
  • Communication Channels Search engines and social networks
  • Reports weekly


20%of the bugdet *
  • Setting up 450 €
  • Communication Channels Search engines and social networks and emailing
  • Reports weekly

* Degressive percentage passing from 20% for a budget of 300 euros to 12.5% for a budget of 1500 euros.