A dynamic site is a website that is structured by a Content Management System (CMS) such as wordpress, joomla or drupal. This content management system allows you to easily add, edit and/or delete pages, categories, text, graphics, audiovisual content and documents to suit your needs. The structure and all the information are stored in a database easily accessible from an interface such as phpmydamin.

This content management system gives you and your colleagues the ability to update the content of a website from an administration panel without any knowledge of programming or html coding.

Thanks to the dissociation of the design of the site (the graphics, the layout) and its contents, it is thus possible to modify the design, at any time, without having to extract the existing content and to replace it in the new presentation .

Part of the site will be devoted to presenting your structure as a static site. However, unlike a static site, other pages can display a blog, a calendar, an area that is only accessible to some of your visitors such as customers, prospects or members … You can create Unique user paths, each in a personalized environment.

Finally thanks to the blog, the possibility to leave a comment or to share a page of your site on the social networks with a single click, the system of management of contents (CMS) allows you to create a real interaction with your visitors

Our guarantees

Search Engine Optimization
100% Responsive Design
Fast Delivery
Customised Support

The 5 steps of your project

Definition of requirements and specifications

We set up specifications based on your needs. And agree in realization time.

Design of a model

We submit a proposal for design and layout. The design and layout of the showcase site are then reviewed and adapted until you are satisfied.

Web development and design integration

We typically encode a showcase site in HTML, CSS, PHP. We optimize for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Upload and support.

Uploading is done after the final validation of the site on our server. We provide technical support to correct any problems of development and design for 2 months.


We train you in the management of your site so that you can administer it independently.

3 categories of prices to perpetuate your digital presence.


499 €
  • Graphic theme preset
  • 5 pages
  • Additional pages unlimited
  • 1 language included
  • 1 Contact form + map
  • Website responsive
  • Basic SEO includes
  • Hosting in addition
  • redirection Not included
  • Internal Links Not included
  • Module newsletter includes
  • Web maintenance Not included
  • Images and videos gallery included
  • Creating a logo not included


1299 €
  • Graphic theme tailored
  • 10 pages
  • Additional pages unlimited
  • 2 languages included
  • 1 Contact form + map
  • Website responsive
  • Basic SEO included
  • Hosting in addition
  • redirection included
  • Internal Links included
  • Module newsletter included
  • Web maintenance not included
  • Images and videos gallery included
  • Creating a Logo included